UK Manufacturing – Back in the Driving Seat


2017 may have ended, but the problems from the year are persistently hanging on. Rising inflation is making everyday products more expensive for consumers as well as driving up the costs of imported goods; Brexit talks are seemingly no closer to being completed which is negatively affecting the sterling; wage growth is lagging behind the aforementioned inflation which is squeezing people’s cash even further; housing prices are still too high for many first time buyers; and to top it all off, prices for rail tickets (so you can get to your underpaid job to pay for your overpriced rent and spend whatever is left on food you can no longer afford) have once again risen. But before you decide to take a trip to Applied Cryogenics for a 1000 year freeze, there is some good news…

UK Manufacturing is Performing at its Best Level in Three Years

Recent news of a surge in demand for UK manufacturing has compounded the negative news of 2017 to deliver a much-needed boost to the UK economy. It appears those with the entrepreneurial spirit are reaping the benefits of an economy leaning favourably towards production, something that has arguably been lacking on these shores for too long. The Guardian reported a modest, yet distinct “rebalancing of the economy of the kind long wished for by policymakers.” This new period is being defined by consumer spending being choked, while manufacturers make the most out of a newly weakened sterling by finding new buyers outside of the UK who are willing to take advantage of their new buying power.

Although it’s worth noting, the new rise in orders is not without its own set of issues. Orders for products manufactured here is likely to have already put pressure on stock levels and the workforces around the UK. Currently, employers in Britain still have access to a huge pool of EU talent to fill the vacancies caused by this surge in exports. After the UK leaves the EU, manufacturers may find they’re faced with a new bureaucratic nightmare as they attempt to align supply with increasing demand. For the moment, however, let’s celebrate some of the UK manufacturers who are basking in the post-Brexit sunlight.

Brompton Bikes   

Live in or around London? You’re sure to have seen these über portable bikes around the city. The foldable bike can be collapsed or erected in a matter of seconds and can be taken on most major forms of public transportation in London. It’s an ideal solution for those who love biking but are constricted by space at home or in the office.

Brompton was reported to have been exporting around 80% of the bikes it manufactures in 2016. The latest manufacturing reports are likely to have been regarded as more good news for the brand.


If you have any interest in craft beer, you’re certain to have heard of this Scottish brewery. Founded way back in 2007, two local lads decided to approach beer production in a slightly more antagonistic way. The pair aligned themselves as the antithesis to mundane lagers and, according to their website, hoped to “make people as passionate about great beer as we are.” Brewdog was born and seven years later, the company now exports to more than 50 countries. They also have 16 bars across the globe.

Jaguar Land Rover

Leaders in luxury car manufacturing, Jaguar Land Rover has been at the top of the British automotive industry for some time. The car giant resisted the trend of falling vehicle purchases in 2017 to post sales in line with 2016 in the UK. But what about exports? Jaguar Land Rover posted a record year thanks to increasing demand from China and the US, and the company is increasing investment in its UK-based plants. Reports suggested that around 80% of the cars produced by Jaguar Land Rover are sold abroad.

So it appears now is the time to start investing in manufacturing quality products in the UK. Interested in starting your own business and exporting your UK-manufactured products around the globe? An HND in Business is a great first step on your path to professional success. Speak with one of our team today and find out where an HND can take you.


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