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Some members of society think being a student is one big walk in the park, but they don’t see the struggle of living with people you’ve never met who have cleanliness levels even lower than your own, or that sharing a kitchen between five people almost guarantees that you won’t eat a proper meal for four days out of seven. The team at HND Insider have been there; that’s why today we’ll be bringing you our greatest student life hacks in a bid to make living with the rag-tag bunch of weirdos as easy as possible.

You Pray to the Toaster Now

We think those responsible for the naming of the toaster were far too limited in their scope of what was possible for the machine. This magnificent kitchen contraption should be called the ‘everything griller’! For us, the toaster is the antithesis of those one function appliances (looking at you Cornballer). If the oven is busy (the oven’s always busy), then these tips might just save you from the pangs of hunger.

Potato waffles can be heated up in a flash with a little assistance from your trusty toaster. Likewise, the lean nature of a veggie burger is the perfect fit for your filamented-best-friend. There are also toaster bags which could truly revolutionise the way you look at cooking: re-cook leftover pizza, fries or even go as far as student high cuisine by cooking a toasted sandwich. Take that Breville.

Need an Iron? Got Hair? Confused?    

The sad reality of eventually having to wash clothes is that there will be creasing. Sure, a little creasing can work with your boho-chic look, but beware; there’s a fine line between nonchalant and dishcloth.

Fate would have it that fortune favours those with hair. A pair of hair straighteners can double up nicely as an impromptu iron, and you get bonus points if there’s a heat setting! An appropriated spray bottle with a little water can help you get the toughest creases out of any material, just be extremely careful you don’t burn your favourite dress – you have been warned.     

Attack of the Shoes

The supermarket is your friend; it’s full of free useful items that can double up to prevent nuclear levels of antagonism in your shared accommodation. Case and point here is the free wine carrier you can ask for at the checkout (no wine needed). This handy cardboard contraption doubles up as a shoe tidy (you can’t really call a cardboard box a shoe rack) to stop unwanted mess putting off guests. On your way out of the supermarket, why not grab a free newspaper? Newspaper absorbs odours and can help those beaten up pair of Converse trainers smell better than they look.

Old Laptop Running Nuclear Hot? No Problem

If you’re still using Windows XP and your laptop fans are giving you tinnitus, then it could be time to consider an upgrade. OR better yet it could be time to pillage all the egg containers from your flat. Fashion the containers into a layer and use it as a base for your laptop; the increased airflow will have the old thing breathing normally and it can put off the last inevitable crash for a little while longer. Also, egg containers are somewhat soundproof; get enough and you could make a rudimentary recording studio for your art-pop, post-rock band “Single Venus Soap”.

What did we miss? Is there a hack so fundamental to your life that you couldn’t live without it? Comment below!    

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