New for September 2018 – Healthcare Practice HND

healthcare practice hnd

In a bid to keep graduates up to date with industry needs, Pearson is once again revising the course content for their BTEC Level 5 Higher National Diplomas in Health and Social Care. Several courses falling under the healthcare bracket will be available from September 2018; these are Healthcare Practice, Healthcare Practice for England, and Social and Community Work. Today we will outline some of the significant points of consideration for potential students of the Healthcare Practice qualification.

Pearson’s Commitment to Providing Relevant Education

Each Pearson BTEC HND has been created to help students develop the skills and attitudes needed to find professional success in their chosen industry. Pearson regularly updates the course content for each HND through collaborations with academics, professional bodies and employers to ensure graduates are ready for the challenges they will face in a relevant, professional role. Similarly, the course prepares students for further levels of academic study, meaning graduates can progress onto a one-year top-up degree in a related subject to gain a full bachelor’s degree.

Healthcare Practice

The new Healthcare Practice HND was created by utilising the expertise of partner institutions such as the British Association of Social Workers, the Royal College of Nursing and the Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust.

Aims of the Course

Students will look at the broader system to understand the number of roles that are needed to support contemporary healthcare; this will lead to an increased understanding of the need for cross-department collaboration within the sector. The course will also place importance on staying open and flexible to the culturally specific needs of both staff and patients.

The course will address the local, regional and global context of healthcare, leading to a comprehensive view of the sector that will prepare students for both national and international career paths. Additionally, students will look to contemporary and future trends that are likely to have an impact on the sector. Students will consider professional ethics and their responsibilities within the industry.  

Roles Open to Graduates of the Healthcare Practice HND

The Healthcare Practice HND will prepare students for a number of career paths, including healthcare support, public health practitioner and lower management roles. Thanks to the establishment of collaborative partnerships, students will learn skills that are deemed necessary by the industry; employers recognise HND graduates as accomplished professionals that are capable of delivering from day one of their careers.

Shaping Your Qualification

The Healthcare Practice HND has been developed to allow students to forge their own paths in the industry. The optional units available at both Level 4 (the first year of the HND) and Level 5 (the second year of the HND) will teach students the specialist skills needed for roles in human resource management in healthcare, dementia care, and residential care.   

This course, new for September 2018, will equip future students with the skills necessary to add genuine value to healthcare institutions, be it here in the UK or in another country.

Want to read more about the brand new Healthcare Practice Higher National Diploma? Check out Pearson’s full course specification, or to find a local higher education provider offering the course, contact HND Insider’s course advisors today.


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