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Health and Care: Working in an ‘Emotional Industry’

As yet more articles flood the news highlighting the mounting struggles of NHS staff, we turn our attention to the emotional impact of working...
Social media

TMI? When Corporate Social Sharing Goes Bad

Can you be trusted to use social media in an appropriate and responsible way? Maybe so, maybe no; either way, you never really know...
Energy drinks

Energy Drinks: Is Boosting Your Results Beastly on Your Health? – Part 2

In Energy Drinks: Is Boosting Your Results Beastly on Your Health – Part 1, we discussed the negative effects energy drinks can have on...
Electric car

Electric Cars: Instant Connection or Shock to the System?

Are UK fuel providers like Shell and BP doing enough to encourage electric vehicle usage? Here we take a look at the electric investment...
Energy drinks

Energy Drinks: Is Boosting Your Results Beastly on Your Health? – Part 1

Raise your hands if you’ve ever purchased an energy drink. I think, if we’re all truthful, most of us will admit to buying or...
Smartphone Addiction

Are Smartphones a Smart Choice?

“Smartphone use blamed for road deaths” BBC News  “How your phone radiation is affecting you” Marie Claire UK “Giving your child a smartphone is like giving them a...
study and Sport

Study and Sport – Where’s the Best Location?

So you’ve taken the plunge to move away to study. What now? Making sure you pick the right course is vital, but it’s picking...
undergraduate qualifications

HND and Other Qualifications

When it comes to undergraduate qualifications the choices and combinations can seem endless. Should I go from HNC to HND and finally onto a...
Barcelona's tourism

HND Travel & Tourism – Barcelona Closes its Doors to Tourists

Tourism is changing. More and more cities and countries around the world are starting to recognise that the tourist industry cannot continue its growth...
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The NSS – What Is It and Why Should I Care?

The NSS, or the National Student Survey, is an annual survey that gives further voice to noisy students. The survey asks final year students...
hnd computing

HND in Computing

Welcome to our rolling guide of HNDs available in the 2018/2019 academic year. If you're interested in games development, robotics or digital forensics, an...

Nudge Theory and the Removal of Choice

Imagine you have two competing products on the market - boxes of cereal, for example. One box tells you that by eating this product,...

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