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Burstcoin – A Bottomless Investment Pit or A Waste of Space

Another day, another cryptocurrency. Which pop star is responsible for this one? Good luck finding out, for Burstcoin (much like Bitcoin) appears to have...

Lecturers’ Strikes: The Student Battle

If you are or have been a higher education (HE) student, it’s likely you’ll know something about financial hardship. As a HE student we...
undergraduate degrees

Tertiary Education: Your Choices – Part 2 – Bachelor’s Degrees

Welcome to part 2 of our tertiary education guide (part 1 can be found here). Today we’ll be discussing arguably the most popular choice...
cycling laws

Student Cyclist? New Cycle Laws May Affect You

If you’re aged 17 - 29 and live in the UK, you’re among the group most likely to cycle. Be proud! It’s a great...
Social media overuse

Social Media Overuse is Leading to Time Limits Being Issued

Back in October 2017 we asked the question: ‘are smartphones a smart choice?’ In the article we discussed the topic of smartphone addiction and...
zen workspace

Create Your Own Zen Workspace in Two Steps

Maintaining peak productivity is a challenge for students, workers and automatons alike (axles don’t lube themselves you know - unless you have a self-lubricating...

Can Technology Be Healthcare’s Hero?

It’s quite the understatement to say that healthcare has developed gradually over the last few years. But putting policy and finance to one side,...
experience-led dining

Immersive, Experience-led Restaurants?

Pizza Express' New Direction is Food for the Ears You may know your Margherita from your Diavolo, but do you know your big band from...

Tertiary Education: Your Choices – Part 1 – Apprenticeships

We here at HND Insider believe that one of the best things about education in the UK is the sheer amount of choice students...

Human Rights and Holidays – What’s the Connection?

While we’re all still wrapped up in winter woollies, it’s easy to let our minds race ahead to summertime when that scorching (okay, warm…ish)...
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The NSS – What Is It and Why Should I Care?

The NSS, or the National Student Survey, is an annual survey that gives further voice to noisy students. The survey asks final year students...
hnd computing

HND in Computing

Welcome to our rolling guide of HNDs available in the 2018/2019 academic year. If you're interested in games development, robotics or digital forensics, an...

Nudge Theory and the Removal of Choice

Imagine you have two competing products on the market - boxes of cereal, for example. One box tells you that by eating this product,...

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